Gatlin Johnson

Gatlin Johnson

Name: Gatlin Johnson

Age: 33 yrs

Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee

Competitive Shooting Classification: Grand Master

Job Title: Sensor Operator / AC-130J

Branch: Air Force Reserves

MOS: 1U0

Military Service History: I joined the USAF fresh out of high school at 18 years old. For the first 5 years of my career, I flew on AWACS out of Oklahoma City. After my time in Oklahoma, I was selected to become a Sensor Operator on AC-130H Gunships in Clovis, New Mexico. After the H models retired, I moved to Florida and got trained up on the U models and eventually the J models. In January of 2019, I decided to transfer into the Reserves to make more time for my beautiful family and to pursue opportunities outside the military. 

Competitive Shooting History: I am a competitive shooter with particular focus in the USPSA and SCSA disciplines. My competition journey started with my first match in February 2020. I made the decision to devote my time and energy into training and competing at a high level. Within the first 9 months I had logged 34 matches, won 2 State Championship (Master class) titles, and achieved Grand Master classification. The future looks bright and we have big goals for 2021!

Favorite Steel Challenge Stages: 5 to go, Speed Option, and Roundabout 

Favorite Weapon: PCC (Taccom/QC10 home-built), Rimfire Rifle (M&P 15-22), Custom CZ Shadow 2

Practice Methods: Airsoft rifle (setup the same as my competition rifles)

Favorite Competing Event: USPSA, SCSA

If I Could Have Any Gun?: A custom JP GMR-15

Favorite MRE: Cherry Blueberry Cobbler desert pouch

Recent Major Competition Results: 

2020 Mississippi State Championship - PCCO - Master Class - 1st Place

2020 Mississippi State Championship - RFRO - Master Class - 1st Place

2020 World Speed Shooting Championship - PCCO - B Class - 1st Place