Merrill-Ace Slepica

Merrill-Ace Slepica

Name: Merrill-Ace Slepica

Age: 39 yrs

Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

Job Title: Aerial Gunner / AC-130U

Branch: Air Force

MOS: 1A9

Deployed Countries: All the ones with shit heads

Units: 730th Japan, Some unit in Germany, CRG in Cali, the 4th SOS in F-L-A

Favorite MRE: Beef Fuckin RAV…….the only option

Favorite Weapon: Besides our 3………I’ll say the ol’ CG. I mean, who doesn’t love Carl!

Favorite Military Lingo: When in combat and no sleep, with shit all around. Best topics and swearing!

Favorite Competing Event: I love hockey so there’s that….. VGK all day!

Favorite ATP Product: I’m a forever fan of Taco Tuesday, partial to Gunshippy, but dad hats are super dope!!