Testimony 1:

You've given me and my family $1300 to cover my mortgage one month. Doing so helped us not get our house foreclosed on. Now I've finally got a badass job and you helped make that happen.

Also, you've donated shirts and other swag for some of the linkup I've done.


Testimony 2:

It's $1,499 to get the car back and the bank will just put the repo and storage fees back ended on my total. I have 1000 and I need 500.

Oh man... Fuck I can't thank you enough


Testimony 3:

You helped a 1/75 guy that got out with a donation of $500 bucks. He fell hard on times and was behind on all bills & had a broken car. Late house, gas, water, electric behind, & broken car in shop with a bill. You Paypaled him $500.


Testimony 4:

You sent me $600 so I could start my provisional patent filing.  Which in turn gave me time to pursue the actual patent and I am now in the process of trying to get my weight built, promoted, and sold.  Thank you brother.


Testimony 5:

You sent us about a grand during the initial hurricane season.  That money allowed us to operate for weeks with food and more importantly, fuel.  Definite impact and allowed some good to be accomplished.


Testimony 6:

My youngest daughters name is Jewel, her dance company raised the monthly price to 75.00 a month, plus having to come up with monster competition fee in November (200) plus hotel fees .... I just can't do it.  I’m barely able to keep my head above water in bills with this house. Dance is all jewel has, and she pours her heart and soul into it.  I have to figure out a way to get a sponsor for her somehow. ... what do you think?  do you know of anyone that would help her out? It'll crush her if I can't keep her on dance 😞😟 I don’t know what to do!!

$380 Dollar Donation Sent For Dance Sponsorship

😥😥😢😢😢🙂🙂 THANK YOU SO MUCH!! oh my God I'm crying.. you have no idea!!!


Testimony 7:

You were fundamental in the start of HHP.  Not only did you provide early encouragement, but you also helped to jumpstart our legitimacy in the nonprofit world by being the foundation's fiscal sponsor.  All the things HHP has and will achieve owes a debt to your support.


Testimony 8:

You helped me get a job by connecting me with the right people and helped build up my resume. Financial impact has been substantial, I’m now making 150k a year.


Testimony 9:

You helped with Rally Point and My Film “Long Way Back


Testimony 10:


To see a variety of other charitable donation receipts (including but not limited to the following organizations:

We have countless other charitable things we’ve done and have provided in a variety of ways including but not limited to donating items, money, time, resources, resumes, peer to peer support, mortgage assistance, bill pay, etc etc.  We have made it a mission to help those in and out of our network and will continue to maintain this standard going forward to ensure we’re there for the communities we care about.

To view out donation receipts please click the link below to our Dropbox Folder

Donation Receipts Files