Erich Martin

Erich Martin

Name: Erich Martin

Age: 38

Hometown: Wabash, IN

Job Title: SF Ops Sergeant

Branch: Army

MOS: 18Z

Deployed Countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, various African and European nations

Units: 75th RGR, 82nd ABN, 10th SFG and USACC

Favorite MRE: Beef Stew

Favorite Weapon: Besides my Mind - 300WinMag and MK-17 (but really, can’t ALL the weapons be my favorite?!)

Favorite Military Lingo: There’s Tab Wearers and Tab Bearers...

Favorite Competing Event: Ohhh, I love me some “bee sting” (SFAUC-style), but duly have love for my GoRuck folks!

Favorite ATP Product: ALL of the products, SERIOUSLY!! ... my fave is still the simple brand logo, because I’m OG like that since the beginning!


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